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Revisiting the Metaverse – A Year On

By 22 February 2023Blog, Insights
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In January 2022 we posted a blog regarding how the Metaverse will change Customer Research – how have things progressed a year on….

It’s no surprise that as we had previously outlined, there is still a long way to go, but more interestingly, it has been reported that many experts predict that the hype around the concept will die down in 2023. According to Jean-Francois Bobier of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), technology and digital advantage division, the word ‘metaverse’ will dwindle in usage.

“With multiple different technologies underpinning the metaverse, and implementations routinely failing to meet the hype that creators promise, there’s a good chance that over the next few years we’ll see major businesses and brands move away from the term entirely,” he said.

“And this is probably a good thing: developing better terminology to refer to implementations around the metaverse will help create stronger and clearer propositions for customers.”
It is further reported that Gen Z will likely be the primary users of the metaverse if and when it goes mainstream, with many already involved in metaverse technologies such as Facebook and Instagram.

It is also predicted that marketing agencies and advertising agencies will continue to turn to the metaverse as a marketing channel in its own right…
Do you represent a company or brand that agrees that the word ‘metaverse’ will dwindle? If yes, what terminology works for your brand and more importantly, does it make sense to your consumers?

Although we are probably still at least a decade away from understanding the metaverse vision, it is integrating into consumer lives – let’s talk to your target audience and get inside their heads to understand how your brand stays ahead…

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