Face to Face & Online Focus Groups

Getting Heads Together.

Launchpad Research conducts all types of qualitative research, including face-to-face and online focus groups in UK and international markets.

Recruitment is managed in-house and moderation conducted by director and senior level moderators.

Clients can either engage our full-service or choose a part-service if they feel wish to moderate themselves.

Case Study

Design Recruitment Execution is retained in-house for greater quality, speed & flexibility.

Recruiting the Right Heads

Online & Field Recruitment

A fieldforce of over 500 supervisors and interviewers trained to MRS & ICQS standards; we recruit willing participants for research studies across the UK, and our global partners extend this reach internationally.

A dedicated product testing panel recruited for purpose. Consumer ‘Pilots’ test your product in their home, and complete feedback surveys & vlogs in rapid time.

A consumer panel providing access to over 800,000 UK panelists; as part of a Global Network Partnership we reach 19 million respondents from 1500 panels in 65 countries.

Excellent. Amazing project management, moderation and insights summary and conclusions. truly exceptional work

Consumer Knowledge DirectorGlobal Manufacturer

Great flexibility on our tight timings, strong moderation of focus groups and quick turnaround of write-up. It was great to find the time to amend the stimulus for the groups based on live learnings and felt like a good collaborative process.

Marketing ManagerYorkshire Cancer Research

Response was always quick, friendly and accurate. Consumer were very well recruited and everything went very smoothly.

Market Insights ManagerGlobal Manufacturer

Skill of moderation, excellent recruitment, excellent organisation, excellent communication

R&D DirectorGlobal FMCG Manufacturer