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New Product Development

White Space to Launch

User involvement in NPD helps generate ideas,
identify gaps, drivers & barriers and ensures
matters can be addressed in a timely manner. 

Through our expertise in creative qualitative,
statistical quant & online methodologies,
we design
bespoke research to meet
all aspect of the NPD cycle

Finding the Best Heads​

We recommend the most suitable research approach
for you to obtain the best ROI from your NPD
; bespoke panels, online communities
or recruits for ad-hoc project.

New Product Development

Bringing Heads Together ​

We design & facilitate creative methods to bring you closer to your user.  

Client & User Workshops

a.k.a. Co-Creation, Creative Workshops – they
come in various guises

User Closeness Programmes

Training and consumer closeness programmes developed to keep your consumer knowledge relevant and at the heart of business strategy

Learning Connect

A highly engaging & effective multi-discipline approach to NPD. We guide teams through 4 key stages; knowledge distilling, user engagement & data collection, data synthesis and action plan

Blind Date Development

A quick agile qualitative technique to obtain user input at various NPD stages

Bringing the Best Heads Together

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Launchpad are fantastic business partners, very professional, very committed. It was a pleasure working with them, and I will do it again as soon as I have the occasion.

Market Insights ManagerHousehold Manufacturer

Every element was delivered on time and to budget. The team were informative and highly professional. The final debrief was extremely detailed and thorough. I would definitely look to work with Launchpad again.

Brand ManagerFMCG Manufacturer

Perfect support in preparation, high flexibility, availability, price and value, quality of recruitment and materials, timely deliverables, excellent execution, neutral assessment, and enjoyable connects. Could not have been better.

Global Analytics & InsightChild & Baby