Product Testing UK Specialists

Team Experience​

Over 3 decades of designing & executing product tests for global brands across multiple categories & international markets. 

Getting Product Testing Right

We offer a variety of product testing options; recommended approach is dependent on product type, development phase, usage period, study objectives, product sample availability and testing environment.  All studies are conducted in compliance with rigorous testing principles.

Study Experience

Sensory Studies

fragrance & taste tests

Deprivation Studies

establish real-life acceptance, unmet needs & benefits

In Home Usage Studies

testing in-situ to assess efficacy & performance

Packaging Studies

evaluate handling, dispensing, materials & pack lifecycle

Testing Environments


placement of products in consumers home with strict testing instructions

Central Location

set up to accommodate your test requirements

Controlled Facilities

venues with suitable resources to meet controlled test requirements

Hotel & Suites

for product tests requiring the same sized rooms to meet testing protocols

Benchmark it!​

Add value & context to your product test results by
evaluating against 
chose measures from our
benchmarking database
from over 30,000 testing participants.

Key Benchmark Categories

  • Baby
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Beauty
  • Household
  • Shopping
  • Toiletries

Help All The Way​

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To make your life easy we offer an end-to-end product testing service; preparation of blind samples, re-packing & labelling, procurement of competitive products for comparative testing and distribution. 

Reaching the Right Heads​

Online & Field Recruitment

A dedicated product testing panel recruited for purpose. Consumer ‘Pilots’ test your product in their home, and complete feedback surveys & vlogs in rapid time.

A fieldforce with over 500 supervisors and interviewers trained to MRS & ICQS standards; we recruit willing participants for research studies across the UK, and our global partners extend this reach internationally.

Heading Overseas?​

In addition to the UK, many research projects we deliver are conducted in international markets.

A single point of contact for global studies keeps things simple. We manage all aspects of the project to ensure quality & consistency.

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