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Co-Creation & Consumer Workshops

Workshop or Co-Creation?
To us it’s one of the 

Today more than ever, companies are embarking on agile co-creation methods to compete & win in the marketplace.

Co-creation processes such as Research Spirits, LearningConnect and Consumer Closeness Programmes all involve engaging & collaborating with your end user.

Case Study

Collective Heads

Co-creation methods enable multi-functional teams to reach their goals quicker, driven by a collective appreciation of the consumer.

We design, recruit and facilitate co-creation sessions to bring end users closer to business teams.

Study Applications

  • Brand Evaluation Studies 
  • Concept Development Studies
  • Purchase Decision Studies
  • U&A Studies
  • Customer Journey Studies
  • Advertising & Marcoms Studies
  • Consumer Closeness Programmes

Recruiting the Right Heads​

Online & Field Recruitment

Our dedicated product testing panel that has been recruited & vetted for purpose. Pilots test your products in their home, and complete feedback surveys & vlogs in rapid time.

Over 500 supervisors and interviewers trained to MRS & ICQS standards recruit willing participants for research studies across the UK, and our global partners extend this reach internationally.

Our consumer panel provides access to over 800,000 UK panelists, and as part of a Global Network Partnership we reach 19 million respondents from 1500 panels in 65 countries.

Working with Launchpad helped us tackle key business problems from a new perspective. Their different way of thinking challenged myself and the team to consider our approach in a fresh way from methodologies we have previously used. We used Launchpad because they brought with them their deep understanding of consumers and credible experience in the financial services sector. Working with them helped us to facilitate this change and provided deep insights that were central to creating the business plans we subsequently developed and delivered. I would not hesitate to recommend that working with Launchpad will add gravitas to your business strategy. I look forward to working with them again soon.

Martin Bunn -Senior DirectorMastercard

Launchpad are Beauty Experts. They take time to understand the brief & ownership for delivering the project, suggest great ideas to build into the session, and set realistic expectation on what can be delivered within the given time. Very comfortable with the retailers, leaving me comfortable to let Launchpad lead the full day & debrief. Consistently high quality service from a passionate team.

Shopper Insights ManagerHealth & Beauty Manufacturer & Retailer Collaboration