Online Surveys

Let’s Head Online

The success of online surveys is a culmination of creative design, correct sampling, and skilled data analysis. ​

Launchpad Research designs high-quality online surveys for participants worldwide to complete.  Together with sample provision, translation &  advanced analysis skills we provide an end-to-end service for regional, national & international studies.

Leveraging our skills in research design & analysis we deliver accurate and meaningful insight that help businesses make evidence-based decisions.  Deliverables are customized to varying client requirements from csv, jmp, and spss datafiles to full analysis & insight reports.

Case Study

Advanced Statistical Expertise

Launchpad Research has the expertise to tackle complex research challenges.

From concept development to pricing studies we design & apply an array of advance statistical methods to online surveys. 

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  • Cluster Analysis​
  • Regression/Driver Analysis​
  • Correspondence Analysis​
  • Max Diff​
  • Turf Analysis​
  • Conjoint Analysis​
  • Van Westerdorp​
  • Discrete Choice Modelling

Audience Reach

Global audience reach via LaunchPanel our online consumer panel, external panel partners or your database.
LaunchPanel is part of a Global Network Partnership.

million respondents

A Real Eye Opener

On a quantitative scale, remote eye tracking utilises a participant’s webcam to measure eye movement & capture data metrics to support shopper, packaging, advertising & comms initiatives.   Our combined survey & eye tracking approach delivers deeper insights by analysing implicit metrics such as visual saliency and prominence, findability, & engagement with brands and products.