Heading into the Home​

We co-ordinate all aspects of home usage tests in the UK and overseas.  Recruitment, project design, co-ordination, despatch, monitoring & analysis. 

Home usage tests vary in structure and we draw on our extensive experience to ensure you get the best value & insights from your study.  

Case Study

Pop up Communities & Bespoke Panels

For obtaining consumer feedback throughout a product's development

Recall Surveys

For obtaining evidence-based user feedback on product performance in a real environment

User Vlogs

video evidence to share testing experiences

Study Experience

Place & test products in consumers’ homes at different development stages

Sensory Studies

fragrance & taste tests

Deprivation Studies

establish real-life acceptance, unmet needs & benefits

Attainment Studies

testing in-situ to assess efficacy & performance

Packaging Studies

evaluate handling, dispensing, materials & pack lifecycle

Recruiting the Right Heads

Online & Field Recruitment

A dedicated product testing panel recruited for purpose. Consumer ‘Pilots’ test your product in their home, and complete feedback surveys & vlogs in rapid time.

Our consumer panel provides access to over 800,000 UK panelists, and as part of a Global Network Partnership we reach 19 million respondents from 1500 panels in 65 countries.

A fieldforce with over 500 supervisors and interviewers trained to MRS & ICQS standards; we recruit willing participants for research studies across the UK, and our global partners extend this reach internationally.

Benchmark it!​

Add value & context to your home usage results by evaluating against chose measures from our proprietary benchmarking database compiled from over 30,000 testing participants.

Key Benchmark Categories

  • Baby
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Beauty
  • Household
  • Shopping
  • Toiletries

Heading Overseas?​

We conduct home usage tests & product research in international markets for many global brands.

A single point of contact for global studies keeps things simple. We manage all aspects of the project to ensure quality & consistency.