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Concept Development & Evaluation

A Strong Concept Drives Success

The goal of concept testing & evaluation is to
identify ideas you should pursue and
those you should drop.

It’s a smart way to validate ideas before
investing time and resources.

Guiding Your Choice

As ideas evolve, we provide a full range of
concept development, evaluation & testing
solutions to explore viability.

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Method Approach

Qual, quant, ad-hoc or interactive


User & client workshops to scope ideas

Online or Face to Face

Surveys or deep dives

Pop Up Communities

Short online communities for exploration

Varied & Flexible Methods

It doesn’t matter how far along your project is,
the Launchpad team will work with you to find the
best approach to ensure your proposition is
viable & fits your customer’s needs.

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Design Choice

Monadic, sequential monadic, comparative, or comparative monadic

Level of Survey Components

Standard, detailed evaluation, use evaluation, value analysis, or segmentation analysis


Flow & rotations to avoid bias & vlogs to bring insights to life

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