Eye Tracking: Discover valuable consumer insights

It’s a Real Eye Opener​

With extensive experience planning and delivering projects that utilise eye tracking technology, we deliver evidence-driven results that go beyond claimed behaviour insight. 

Eye tracking can be integrated into many research projects to explore, measure & optimise attention and dwell times of creative executions, product packaging, shelf layout, POS visibility, path to purchase & online behaviour. 

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Experience Counts​

With hundreds of online & instore eye tracking projects conducted at various stages of development for a variety of brands & retailers, we know our experience counts.

Eye tracking studies are designed & analysed through a system 1 and 2 lens to further behavioural understanding.  Application of timed responses, findability and distractor tasks are just a few elements applied to research design to gain a deeper knowledge of behavioural drivers.

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Open Your Eyes to Eye Tracking

Remote Eye Tracking

Utilises webcams to measure eye movement & capture data metrics on a quantitative scale. 

Provides robust statistical evidence to support shopper, packaging, advertising & comms initiatives

Mobile Eye Tracking

Eye wear that enables eye tracking on a qualitative scale in the real world.

Provides footage to qualify behavioural insights at a shelf, a store and beyond.

3 Key Benefits


Helps go beyond claimed consumer behaviour and objectively evaluate and understand visual attention

Eye tracking metrics & visualisations add maximum value & engaging evidence to specific business questions

Eye tracking offers an invaluable and cost-effective addition to many task-based observation methods