Packaging Research

It’s Not All About The Looks

Your packaging needs to perform in two key environments.
At shelf & at home. 

To be effective at shelf, packaging must communicate effectively, grab attention, stand out against competition,
and appeal to your audience.

At home it needs to perform effectively when handling;
opening, dispensing, closing, during usage & storage, and
for some
categories ensure safety.

We’ve Got It All Wrapped Up ​

We provide a toolkit approach to packaging research at varying stages, in-context & in the home

In-Home Tests

Testing packaging performance in the real world

Central Location Shelf Tests

Optional eye tracking to test pack performance in context alongside competitor products

Online Surveys

Text highlighter functionality and optional eye tracking to test design elements

Pop-up Communities

An iterative process for assessing designs & refining language

User Vlogs

Insights brought to life
with video footage

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Unwrapping Greater Insights

Combining survey & eye tracking software will generate implicit metrics; visual saliency, prominence, findability & engagement unlock greater insights for brand packaging.

Very professional, reactive and skilled team. They are on top of their task and
projects always run smoothly.

R&D ManagerFMCG Manufacturer

Can- do attitude. Very thorough. Went out and got product for us when we did not supply enough. They looked at results in great detail.

R&D DirectorGlobal Health & Beauty Manufacturer