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Immersive Heads

For projects dealing with especially difficult or critical design challenges, an ethnographic approach could be beneficial.

Launchpad researchers are adept at immersing themselves in participants lives, observing how they go about their daily  tasks, while interacting with them to unlock opportunities & solutions for brand & service providers.

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A research agency that offers comprehensive consultancy. quality design. exceptional execution. actionable insights.

Great logistics on the ground (interviewers, cars) with 2 teams in parallel + good schedule & time keeping and flexible enough to find new consumers in case of drop-outs!

Principal ScientistGlobal Manufacturer

All the consumers were fitting the recruitment criteria, none of them has dropped. The taxi service was simply perfect and the provision of small handouts with key critical info for each consumer was invaluable in helping navigate through the visits. You were on top from the beginning and perfectly got the point of what we were trying to achieve and definitely helped us get there.

Consumer Insights ManagerHousehold Manufacturer