Intercepts, Street & Exit Interviews

Heading Anywhere, Anytime

You may need top-of-mind feedback or to speak with an audience who visited a specific location. Our skilled fieldforce  intercept interviewees & conduct face to face surveys on-street, in-store, door-to-door or on-site.

With over 500 supervisors and interviewers trained to MRS & ICQS standards we provide a comprehensive range of fieldwork services for quantitative studies throughout the UK.

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MRS & ICQS Trained Research Interviewers

Launchpad is one of the rare research agencies that has both the people based capacity and the strong desire to understand your business.

CMI DirectorNational Retailer

Launchpad always deliver, they take the brief, challenging it where they feel a better route is available and they deliver constantly high quality insight.

Merchandising ManagerMicrosoft

Full or part service for all research challenges