Shopper insights

Shopping Basket Success

With over 1000 shopping studies conducted for global & national brands, we can confidently help you bring to market your initiatives with results that are evidence-based.

Context is Key

A successful shopper study requires a conductive environment and excellent design. Since the competitive environment influences what & how we buy, we provide a range of in-context solutions that can be scaled to fit your initiative.

Shelf Tests

We have the facility to build bays to reflect planograms and test new initiatives in-context alongside competitive brands.

Shopping Functionality within Online Survey

Participants can simulate a shopping trip, choose items & volume to place in their shopping basket & checkout.

Eye Tracking

We are experts at designing and executive eye tracking studies to provide added insights to shopper studies.

Virtual Reality

Creation of a fully immersive, virtual environment that can reflect the dynamics of a real store; POS, Shelf edge labels (SELs), Shelf ready packaging (SRPs), signage, barkers, wobblers, and music to match the shopper experience.

Shop-a-longs & Store Intercepts

Studying and understanding actual behaviour to see what shoppers do in the real environment.

Boost the Depth and Credibility of your Shopper Research

Boost your consumer research with system 1 and system 2 approaches. Eye tracking, timed tasks and distractor questions can enrich learning and add depth to shopper insights.

Case Study

When you work with Launchpad, you know they will take time to properly understand the brief, challenging where appropriate, the fieldwork is conducted to the highest standard, generating quality actionable insights

Scott Graham, Insights ManagerGreggs

Launchpad earned my trust providing timely and accurate deliverables and going above and beyond to what has been required with very short notice and challenging timeline.

Shopper Insights ManagerGlobal Online Retailer