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Do People Want to Participate in Market Research During the Current Health Crisis?

By 27 March 2020April 12th, 2022News

A question on many clients’ minds.

We surveyed our LaunchPilot Testing Community and the answer was a resounding YES. Within an hour 665 Pilots had responded.

99% of LaunchPilot members are happy and willing to participate in Product Tests & Online Surveys during this difficult time.

So here are 6 top tips for clients considering running Product Tests in these unprecedented times:

  • Plan your research carefully from the start. If you wish to conduct qualitative interviews with participants after the test it is useful to know this at recruitment stage. Respondents can be recruited based on their technical know-how, tech accessibility, and willingness to participate in a video depth interview.
  • Courier companies may not be able to guarantee delivery on specific days, so consider extending the testing period. Post may be delayed so make sure you plan for this.
  • It is recommended not to request respondents to return unused products or packaging as this is likely to require breaking isolation guidelines to access the Freepost services we usually provide.
  • A larger over quota is recommended; this will account for respondents that may not be able to complete a study if they or family members fall ill.
  • Courier costs are likely to be higher as courier companies begin to apply Emergency Situation Surcharge levies.
  • Supply products in blind packaging & bottles already labelled, in sealed bags with relevant product codes agreed with the Launchpad Team. Social distancing has led to fewer staff accessing our repacking & relabelling facilities.

The Launchpad team are here to help during these challenging times; our priority is to ensure the safety of employees, respondents, interviewers & moderators and to protect clients from any risk.

We’re all geared up and ready to support your research needs.