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5 Things Brands Get Wrong

By 17 October 2020October 26th, 2021News

Launchpad has been generating insights and helping clients understand their customers for over 18 years. Over this time we have conducted thousands of concept, product, and shopper research for consumer brands and retailers. So with this wealth of consumer knowledge & understanding, we thought we would share the 5 common mistakes that brands get wrong.

Brand Mistakes (That Insight Can Fix!)

1. Over Diversify Portfolios

A vast range offering creates confusion at shelf; in the absence of clear benefit differentiation shoppers struggle to understand the differences in benefits across too wide a range within a brand. This can drive deselection and trade down behaviour.

I find this all so confusing, I don’t understand the differences between them all so I just give up and look at something else

2. Complacency

Over-reliance on heritage & past success can be dangerous. Brands need to challenge themselves and continually innovate to keep ahead of the game and competition.

Why would I want to pay more for that when the store’s own one looks just as good if not better, and it’s cheaper. That’s why I switched

3. Lack Of A Compelling Story

If consumers aren’t hooked with persuasive reasons to buy they are unlikely to buy into the brand – engage them with a compelling story, offer them an experience … before they get store, so they will seek out your brand

I haven’t heard anything about it, I’m happy with what I buy now so I’m not really interested

4. Multiple Benefits Within On-Pack Messages

When the key product benefit is unclear it can be lost in a sea of other claims, both confusing shoppers and hindering the purchase decision.

I’m not really sure whether this is right for me, it’s telling me so many things

5. Blinkered To A Wider Target Audience

The consumer market is ever-changing, too often brands play it safe and focus on the segment they are familiar with. They should consider diversifying to tap into potential growth areas such as the “silver” consumer

I wish there was more choice for my age group; we’re not dinosaurs, we want new & exciting products too

If you have a research concept, product or shopper research project on the horizon, and want to benefit from our extensive experience & knowledge in this field then contact us.