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Maximising the value of video interviewing for market research projects

By 6 April 2020October 12th, 2021Blog

With the correct design, video interviews can be applied to a range of business questions as an alternative to traditional focus groups, triads, paired depths & 1-1 interviews. Although consumers connect remotely, there are plentiful opportunities to have engaging, creative and fulfilling discussions with your consumers.

6 tips for setting up successful studies

Study design

Begin with clear objectives & a success criteria – this drives the correct study design, most optimal sized sessions and activities. Don’t underestimate the value & experience an agency can bring to designing the structure & content to meet your objectives. An experienced agency should advise on set up, structure, session length, number of participants, discussion flow & suitable session activities, in addition to taking all the stress away from setting up the technology for both participants & observers to access the interviews remotely.


Recruit the correct participants – those with the technical know-how, tech accessibility and willingness to participate in a video depth interview. Ensure all participants are contacted prior to the session to answer any technical questions. Launchpad has a diverse national reach and multiple recruitment services for finding the right participants; all participants are pre-checks to ensure we provide quality respondents for video interviews.

Scheduling & protocols

Be flexible with your interview schedule and include evenings & weekends where possible. This can help with difficult to reach consumers, full time workers and those with busy daytime schedules. Ensure simple guidelines and protocols are provided to all respondents & observers on how to join the call, participate fully and adhere to online etiquette.


Moderators need to be crystal clear with their communication and have a structured approach throughout. Establishing a natural, personal connection with respondents is essential to help them feel at ease. Maintaining high energy levels is critical to keep the conversation flowing; acquired skills in moderation questioning, discussion flow, and suitable activities are paramount to successful online sessions.


Activities add value & energy to online qual sessions; consider homework tasks, collages, or screen sharing stimuli such as concepts, moodboards, images, video or other websites to keep the sessions interesting & participants engaged.


Planning ahead for the type of outputs you need can help ensure you have the right permissions in place for sharing video outputs or edits afterwards – they can be an effective way to share and bring to life research insights across your organisation.