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Increase reach and diversity with online focus groups

By 1 March 2022Blog

Given the significant shifts that we have seen in consumer dynamics over the past couple of years it’s become more important than ever before to have insight into your target market. The pandemic caused huge disruption and triggered a lot of change. If your business is looking to have a better understanding of their consumers and prospect customers, then online focus groups can be a great way to increase reach and diversity of your market and product research.

The benefits of online focus groups for your business

If you’re going to invest in focus groups then you’re tapping into a huge pool of insight when it comes to understanding your target market. But what are the benefits of opting to do this online?

It’s convenient and simple for respondents.

You’re making it very simple for respondents to take part, as they can do this from their home, or any location that works. Although, face to face research is on the up again, the pandemic has seen an increase in participant confidence to join research sessions online with others.  Technical skills in using Teams & Zoom have increased and with the increase in people working from home means more people have time join an online focus group.

The organisation is more efficient

There are much less likely to be last minute cancellations when respondents are taking part from their own home, which creates a lot fewer logistical and administrative challenges for moderators. As people have become more conscious of their health and the health risks groups can pose. Online focus groups give people who are hesitant to attended face to face focus groups for health reasons the chance to still get involved.

A cost-effective approach.

There are fewer costs to consider with online focus groups, especially when compared to in-person groups. You don’t need to factor in car parking, venue hire, all of which generate a sizable total bill. The savings can also be seen by the people taking part in the focus group. By taking an online approach clients save on travel time & accommodation when groups are geographically dispersed.

Easier access to insights.

When you’re using online focus groups, recordings are available immediately after the sessions so insights can be instantly analysed and conclusions drawn. Plus, technology also allows for a client to participate either anonymously or as a visible observer of the research; the two-way mirror of viewing facilities becomes a two way monitor!

Open up your research on a much wider scale.

One of the major benefits of online focus groups relates to reach, in particular because there are no geographical limits when it comes to the people who can be included in the process. This is very different to traditional focus groups. Where there may be restrictions on how far you can open up your enquiries. This allows Launch Pad to conduct research in both the UK & the US at the same time, providing clear advantages for international companies.

A greater diversity to your research.

Online research provides a vehicle for niche groups to participate in research; panels provide a broad spectrum when it comes to diversity. It is now much easier to engage hard to reach respondents and interview them in one group. Many will have experience with online focus groups, including the technology and systems required for smooth onboarding and minimal disruption in sessions.

If you’re looking to conduct more market research this year – especially when it comes to increasing reach and diversity – online focus groups offer a simple and effective way forward. Without limits on geographical locations, online focus groups are particularly useful for anyone who wants to reach an audience that goes across country or internationally. Find out more about our online focus groups on our website.