informed consent & non-disclosure agreement.



The purpose of this research is to gain information that can help improve products or services that may be marketed by the Client of Launchpad Research.


You acknowledge and agree to:

  • Conduct the research yourself and not get someone else to conduct the study on your behalf

  • Conduct the research exactly as we direct. You may be directed to stop participating in the study if you do not follow these directions, which may affect the compensation awarded

  • Contact Launchpad Research on 0191 2504550, if for any reason you cannot perform or complete the test

  • Hold in confidence any information, such as products, packages, pictures of products, usage instructions, descriptions of products, brands, brand concepts and/or ideas, which is disclosed to you directly or indirectly as part of your participation in this study

  • Neither use nor discuss information provided by Launchpad Research and its Client, not even with your family and friends. You also agree that your obligations of confidentiality and non-use extend beyond your participation in the study

  • Not copy ideas and assign all rights in any ideas, developments, discoveries, works of authorship, designs, software, and/or inventions, whether or not patentable, conceived by you as a result of your participation in the research to the Client of Launchpad Research

  • All study materials remain the property of Launchpad Research or its Client. All study materials disclosed and discussed with you are for market research purposes only.  Any products, images or ideas shown to you and/or described to you are not for sale and no offer of sale is being made to you

  • Not resell or disclose any test materials to another individual

  • Launchpad Research Participant Terms & Conditions


I understand my participation is completely voluntary and I can withdraw from the Research at any time and for any reason. If I choose not to participate in this Research, it will not affect my ability to participate in future studies.


This study will be conducted in accordance with our Participant Privacy Policy


To the extent permissible by law, Launchpad Research and its Client, employees and agents, will not be responsible or liable for any loss, claim, damage of any kind, whether based in contract, tort or otherwise, that arises out of or is in any way connected with your participation in this study, including but not limited to your use of the test materials, travel to and from, and visit to, the test facility or location where the test is taking place.


If media [e.g. video recordings, audio recording, photos, vlogs etc] featuring you is collected as part of this study you acknowledge & consent to:

  • The media being held by Launchpad Research and its client of whom the research has been commissioned, for market research purposes, analysis and production, and editing to support market research studies

You may exercise your right to withdraw the use of the media by emailing the Data Protection Officer at Launchpad Research


To compensate you for your time and commitment you will receive the incentive offered to you when you were approached to participate in this study.

No other compensation will be provided for your participation in the study. You will not receive this compensation if you do not comply with study directions, including those relating to the return of study materials and completing research tasks within the agreed timeframe or if you exercise your right to withdraw from the study.


If you have any questions during the study or have questions about your rights as a participant, please email the or call 0191 2504550.