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UX Testing​

Tech Heads​

With a blend of research knowledge and leading eye tracking technology Launchpad Research utilise System 1 & System 2 thinking in UX study design.

In addition to observation and interviews, eye tracking is a key component for usability studies allowing deeper insights to be uncovered that go beyond claimed consumer behaviour.

Case Study

Usability Experts for the Public Sector. FinTech Sector. Consumer Sector. Charity Sector. Retail Sector.

Reaching the Right Heads

We offer online & field recruitment

Our consumer panel provides access to over 800,000 UK panelists, and as part of a Global Network Partnership we reach 19 million respondents from 1500 panels in 65 countries.

A fieldforce with over 500 supervisors and interviewers trained to MRS & ICQS standards; we recruit willing participants for research studies across the UK, and our global partners extend this reach internationally.

A dedicated product testing panel recruited for purpose. Consumer ‘Pilots’ test your product in their home, and complete feedback surveys & vlogs in rapid time.