Our consumer panel Know How

Online consumer panel provides access to over 800,000 UK panellists​

LaunchPanel is part of a Global Network Partnership,  which connects you to 19 million respondents from 1500 panels in 65 countries.


​​​LaunchPanel is a fast and competitively priced sample-only, and full project service.

Services include:

  • Online sample

  • Free polls

  • Bespoke panels for specific projects

  • Survey design, scripting & hosting

  • Data tabulation

  • Data dashboards

If you need responses for your own survey, or to recruit research participants, we can help.

Quality Assured

LaunchPanel is hosted by OpinionHUB software, which complies with ESOMAR, MRS, CASRO, MRA, ARF, MRIA, AMA and AMSRO standards.

The Platform takes special care to check every link for topic, content, language, length and logic before the initial launch. In addition to this, we have some of the strictest panel quarantine procedures in the industry.

Panelist Profiles

Panelists have been profiled on specific topic areas, enabling quicker screening & targeting of survey participants.

In addition to demographics we capture profile data on the following categories:

  • Auto

  • Hobbies & Interests

  • Food & Beverage

  • Electronics, Computer & Video Games

  • Media

  • Travel

  • Smoking & Tobacco

  • Healthcare

  • Mother & Baby

Global Brands

Global Brands used LaunchPanel’s bespoke service to design, script & host a survey.  The aim of the project was to look at alcohol & non-alcohol trends both in and out of the home.

The results unearthed new & interesting insights into the drinks sector, that proved successful in generating content & interest for their PR campaign across their brand portfolio.


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Sample only, full service or something in-between

Quick Poll

£ Free

1 Burning Question!

Submit Your Question

Base Size : 500

Target : Natural fallout of UK adults 18+

1 closed questions

Delivery : 24-24 hours

Output : Dashboard with age & gender filters

Short Survey

£ 950

Max 10 question survey scripted based on your submitted questions

Upload Your Survey

Base Size : 100 

Target : Natural fallout of UK adults 18+

Survey Length : 10 questions max 2 open questions

Delivery : Max 1 week

Output : Datafile .csv

Bespoke Survey


Consultancy, target sampling & survey design to meet your specific research needs

Contact Us

Base Size : 100 or over

Target : Specific User Profile

Survey Design : Bespoke design & length

Delivery : Based on scale & scope

Output : Based on your needs & audience

Additional Paid Services

All Surveys [excludes Polls]
Topline Summary
Full Analysis & Presentation
Verbal Debrief