The challenge

A well known fragrance store wanted to understand whether a redesign of their online store would improve the customer experience on laptops, mobiles & tablets.

The method

We invited 40 participants to participate in a UX test with eye tracking equipment, so we could track both conscious & subconscious behaviour. The need for the design to be tested across different OS systems influenced the base size recommendation. The quota applied comprised of 10 desktop users, 15 tablet users & 15 mobile users, to reflect a mix of device and iOS & Android users.

The test structure required participants to complete several uninterrupted tasks which were measured against a success criteria framework. Uninterrupted task enable the participant to replicate their natural online shopping behaviour without any distractions. Once all tasks were completed, a moderator conducted a post task interview reviewing the eye tracking data with the participant to probe conscious and subconscious behaviour.

The outcome

Key differences were identified in search behaviour across the varying devices with screen size impacting on experience.

A lack of expected features & product content was revealed by a review of the eye tracking data and post task interview.

The research also exposed poor visibility of key services introduced to encourage sales increases.