Relationship Background

Launchpad Research has been listed as Northumbria University’s preferred supplier for the last decade and has witnessed the educational sector’s rapid changes over the years. The agency supports the university’s insights & proposition team with ad-hoc, bespoke research across all faculties, ranging from pricing studies, marketing evaluation, to student journeys and experiences.  

What aspects of this course drive initial interest and how could Northumbria improve students overall experience? 

The Challenge

Northumbria University wanted to understand students experience and their perceptions of a particular postgraduate route to identify key areas for short-, medium- & long-term improvements to the course. Covid-19 prevented face to face research. 

The Solution

Using online depth interviews with UK and international Masters students from a mix of faculties, we gained a more in-depth understanding of the student journey, the decision making process, program design, and overall support. 

In addition, students were required to complete a creative task prior to their interview. The task was designed to encourage the use of reflection & regression techniques to achieve a deeper level of insight and areas for probing during the interview.  

The Outcome

Research provided a deeper understanding of the student journey and the components of the course that contributed positively and negatively to the student experience. 

Further, the research generated numerous ideas for improvement which would better meet student expectations & desires. The findings were explained through video footage from interviews to illustrate the insights to internal audiences. 

“Launchpad has become a key insight partner to the university and have consistently delivered high quality work across a number of different projects.  The team are approachable, knowledgeable, and professional, always delivering actionable insights through clear and engaging reports and presentations.”

Simon MollInsights & Proposition Manager, Northumbria University