The Challenge

A leading UK supermarket was concerned about the declining sales within the Household & Laundry category and wanted to drive more shoppers to cross-purchase across the department to compete more effectively against other retailers. They partnered with a global manufacturer to redesign the department, introduce improved signage and category adjacency, and increase space to core categories.

The Method

A pre and post-shopping survey was completed with 200 shoppers in 5 x test stores and 5 x control stores to measure shopper reaction to the store changes and understand key elements that affected shopping behaviour. Pre & post expectations & experiences were explored, such as category visibility, ease of shopping, awareness of signage, ease of navigation, speed of shopping to understand whether the changes had made any significant impact.

In addition, 25 shop-a-longs were completed to provide more in-depth understanding of the shopper benefits realised by the changes.

The Outcome

The research provided evidence that the in-store changes had been effective in driving shopper satisfaction and improved their ease of shopping. The significant base size enabled the client to understand which of the in-store test elements had been most effective in driving the change they required. The changes were rolled out across their store network.