Relationship Background

Having worked with a manufacturer in the health & beauty sector on a diverse range of research needs over many years, we were delighted when they approached us to help establish consumer reactions and acceptance of some new prototypes that would target the pet care market.

How Launchpad identified the product benefits and superiority of a new product in a category new to our client, which drove the development of future marketing communications.

The Challenge

Building on the success of their global brand in the consumer sector, our client identified a gap in the pet care market and subsequently developed a range of pet products. The next step was to verify the true product benefits to support the development of product claims for marketing initiatives.

The Solution

2 prototypes were tested – each designed for a separate target; 1 for dog owners whose pets experience shedding, the other for dog owners whose pets experience matting/knotting. 130 dog owners per leg were recruited and placed with a prototype product for an in-home usage period of 14 days. Respondents then completed an online survey, with a selection invited to record a short VLOG to demonstrate and summarise their experiences during usage.

The Outcome

The results underpinned the development of consumer-led claims and marketing content, identifying the superiority of the prototype. The VLOGS enhanced and added rich learnings to the overall research outcome. Both products are now available on the UK market.