Relationship Background

We are proud to support manufacturers across the FMCG sector, including working closely with many Food and Drink brands.   From brand launches & relaunches to understanding the impact of changes in packaging, both online & instore, we have covered it all! Take a look at one of our most recent Food & Drink projects:

How Launchpad helped a UK based manufacturer of ready meals understand how to mitigate decline in sales of a newly launched product

Will shoppers notice the new pack and remain loyal; will competitor users trade-in?

The Challenge

A producer of quality foods launched a new brand into retailers, but after a period of time noticed a decline in sales.  It was paramount that the brand understood what factors contributed to this decline both in store and online

The Solution

Our approach was to ask consumers to shop instore as they normally would for this specific food category and take images and/or video recordings of their shopping experience which would then be used as stimulus during an in depth interview

The same approach was used for the online store as well as using the live retailer site as stimulus during the online depth interview

A Launchpad moderator conducted a deep dive to understand more about:

  • Key barriers to purchase including brand positioning in store / online
  • Impact of product positioning
  • Navigation in store & online
  • Overall CX & UX

General brand perceptions

The Outcome

We delivered clear insight to our client providing them with key actionable areas to improve sales and relaunch their brand instore and online. This included revisiting the pack design & messaging to ensure the product became more visible and appealing on shelf within physical stores.  Easier navigation and improving product messaging online also needed to be addressed to generate awareness of the brand and leverage appeal.