Relationship Background

Launchpad has a wealth of experience in packaging research. One of our long-standing clients in the FMCG space approached us to help them in assessing the impact of a potential major packaging upgrade. We had worked with the brand on many other research topics, and they trusted Launchpad to guide them through this high-level business challenge.

How Launchpad supported a global manufacturer in risk-assessing a potential packaging upgrade to a major brand.

The Challenge

Our client required research to undertake a risk assessment linked to a planned packaging transformation across the brand portfolio.

The Solution

Launchpad designed a multi-faceted research methodology to provide robust learnings, coupled with a deep-dive understanding of consumer reactions, overlaid with eye-tracking to fully understand the journey at the shelf.

This was undertaken via a Central Location test across 4 days, comprising 3 legs, with full-size populated fixture set-ups. 465 consumers were pre-recruited to ensure accurate category/brand/variant representation. Respondents completed an unprompted shopping exercise, followed by an interviewer-led interview on tablets. Half of the respondents on each leg wore mobile eye-tracking glasses during the shopping task, and 36 respondents took part in a 20-minute follow-up moderator-led qualitative interview.

The Outcome

We conducted a detailed comparative analysis on the purchase decisions, assessing trade-up, trade-down, trade-across, to gauge the impact on the brand, and category growth potential. Measured factors included visibility, engagement, interaction and decision factors. The eye-tracking analysis which incorporated heatmaps, dwell time, fixation on AOI’s provided additional insights into sub-conscious behaviours; qualitative insights unearthed the detail and reasons why in terms of packaging and claims communication, acceptance, and believability, all of which supported the team in building a strong business case for both internal stakeholders and retailers.