Relationship Background

Launchpad has worked with a major online retailer across multiple categories and business challenges; their exploration into the luxury private label market was a topic we relished in supporting them through the journey.

How to identify the optimal private label products to take to market

The Challenge

As part of an ongoing programme of qualitative research with consumers in the UK & Germany, our client wanted to identify which private label products had the potential for success in the European market.

The Solution

We implemented a 3 phase approach to explore the journey from concept through usage performance:

  1. Pre-usage exploratory focus groups, exploring current habits, & practices, current needs, concept reactions, product expectations and purchase decision drivers
  2. We placed products for in-home use, the usage phase included consumer VLOGS to capture initial impressions, in-use experiences and general satisfactions/dissatisfactions
  3. Post-usage focus groups allowed us to delve deeply into comments and observations from the VLOGS, product expectations vs. performance, competitor comparisons, packaging usability, together with purchase intent ‘drivers & barriers, pricing acceptance

The Outcome

Our client made informed decisions on the products’ launch, as well as product improvements based on the barriers unearthed during the research.