Relationship Background

Launchpad has been fortunate to work with one of the leading e-commerce brands in the world across their many functions and on a variety of projects over the past 5 years.  We pride ourselves in going above and beyond client briefs to ensure we provide not only accurate deliverables but exceed client expectations, as was the case for one of our most recent projects for this client.

How Launchpad helped a global Ecommerce giant launch a new food category across 3 key markets

The Challenge

Our client wanted to launch a new food category into their online portfolio but needed to understand which brand the products should be launched under – 3 options were to be tested with consumers to provide evidence to support the brand launch and understand which brand worked best across various subcategories as well as benchmarking against key competitor products across 3 key European markets.

The Solution

Our approach was to launch a comprehensive online survey targeting 500 consumers across each key European market (UK, Germany and Italy) = 1500 consumers.

The survey was designed to use several online tools, including imagery to get consumers to ‘shop a specific sub-category’ and select the product(s) they would purchase, validating their preferences.  Heatmaps were used for each layout with hot spots showing where multiple mouse clicks had been centred, as well as recording the number of clicks per SKU.

They would then complete  a trade-off section, with products shown in rotation to compare brands against each other, as well as asked to provide feedback on the brands being tested

The Outcome

We provided a comprehensive report including trade-off analysis findings & benchmarking data in addition to our recommendations across the 3 key markets.  It provided robust evidence to guide & support the client in their European category launch.