Relationship Background

Launchpad has built a solid relationship with Tangle Teezer since 2017 and has a strong understanding of the brand. The success of the brand is of course testament to the vision and creativity of its Founder, Shaun Pulfrey. Launchpad has been fortunate to be part of the Tangle Teezer innovation journey, supporting them in many research projects over the past 5 years. As well as the multiple product usage tests we run for brand innovation, concept studies, here is a recent example of a study we have conducted for Tangle Teezer: 

How aware are consumers of the Tangle Teezer brand across the globe? 

The Challenge

As the brand continues to innovate and evolve, hearing what consumers have to say is at the core of Tangle Teezer’s success. Launchpad has been fortunate to be part of that CX journey, assisting Tangle Teezer in understanding how the brand is evolving in terms of consumer awareness across the globe. 

The Solution

  • Consumers were recruited via our internal panel, Launchpilot for the UK market and via our global panel partners for other markets within Asia, Europe and the USA  
  • To understand more about consumers’ hair regimes and product usage, awareness of hairbrush brands, brand associations and brand perceptions – results of which support Tangle Teezer in their brand positioning and global growth strategy  

The Outcome

We delivered rich insights to Tangle Teezer to give them clear direction on how their brand awareness has grown year on year across the globe.  

We continue to support the brand by providing various research solutions to meet their varying briefs, including brand tracking, product testing and concept evaluation. 

Launchpad have been a key research partner for Tangle Teezer, and with their expertise they continue to help us drive the brand and product strategy. The team are incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and passionate about what they do and the clients they work with.

Sophie BryantHead of Marketing, Tangle Teezer