Relationship Background

Launchpad has worked in the field of sensory research with a variety of clients. We have a long-standing relationship with a company that produces fragrances for manufacturers across many categories. Fragrance acceptance is hugely important to consumers in their choice of household and Health & beauty products, so testing is crucial to manufacturers in NPD and product upgrades.

How Launchpad helped to validate fragrance acceptance for a laundry product upgrade.

The Challenge

Our client needed to test the acceptability of a new fragrance against existing products within the laundry category, to ensure their development process complied with internal stages and checks.

The Solution

Launchpad recruited a representative sample of consumers in the laundry category to participate in a monadic fragrance test, following established testing protocols. Respondents evaluated the fragrance of their laundry loads through various stages of the process including neat product in the pack / during the machine cycle / wet items / during drying processes / post-drying / during ironing / when taking from drawers or wardrobes for use and in-use. Respondents recorded reactions in an online diary which was also used to aid recall in the subsequent post-usage questionnaire.

The Outcome

A comprehensive data set was supplied to our client, detailing responses throughout the laundry stages; this highlighted and guided our client to confidently implement refinements to the fragrance formula, based on consumer experiences.