The Challenge

To provide the business with convenient, timely, and regular access to consumers over a 12 month period.

To equip the business teams with the skills to meet with consumers and have effective, non-biased discussions to derive actionable insights.

The Solution

  1. Consumer Closeness Training: Training comprised of both theory and training sessions across the day. Delegates were able to participate in practice sessions with consumers, followed by workshops to fully debrief on their experiences.
  2. Scheduled Consumer Closeness Sessions: A continuous monthly schedule of consumer and shopper immersion sessions were rolled out across each team comprising of instore visits and 1-1 interviews to enable all stakeholders an opportunity to address their business questions in a convenient and flexible way.

The Result

Engaging the wider business team in the programme broadened the company’s capabilities to leverage consumer insights, instead of relying solely on the Insights team and ensured maximum ROI was delivered for the programme.

Being in touch with consumers challenged internal preconceptions of how consumers shop and interact with products and empowered the business to deliver enhanced plans to global teams, regional teams, and external retail partners.