Relationship Background

Launchpad has built a strong working relationship with a manufacturer of Baby products, developing a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the needs of parents of babies and toddlers. As part of supporting this and other clients, we frequently work in collaboration with the client team, design agencies and other key stakeholders to deliver sound research insights as the foundation for business strategy development.

How to optimally bring the consumer into the heart of brand strategy in redefining a brand portfolio with a consumer-centric focus

The Challenge

Our client wished to assess and redefine its portfolio and brand architecture to attract non-users into the brand, but importantly, without alienating loyals.

The Solution

Launchpad designed a multi-phase research programme, which began with grassroots learnings – a deep dive into current brand satisfaction, understanding, perceptions & unmet needs,  with subsequent development and testing of a new portfolio positioning, branding and differentiation. The research encompassed 3 phases:

  1. Ethnography – shop along & in-home visits
  2. Co-creation Lab- comprising of a series of workshops
  3. Concept quantitative testing

All stages included loyal users and category users across a range of competitor brands.

The Outcome

All stakeholders [client, design agency & the Launchpad team] collaborated across all methodologies to ensure everyone experienced and gained an informed understanding of consumers’ experiences within the category; a solid foundation of consumer insights & identified unmet needs underpinned the development of ideas. Concepts were developed by a multi-functional team. The concept development and refinement stage involved consumer input through a series of workshops, to optimise all elements of the portfolio and brand architecture re-design. Concepts were then tested quantitatively with a robust sample of brand loyals and competitor users.