Relationship Background

Launchpad regularly works in collaboration with clients and media agencies to test creative routes. Our background and experience with brands ensure we bring essential audience insight to every project. We work closely with companies in the development and testing of creative stimulus material, including TV, print, packaging, outdoor & social media campaigns. 

Which is the most compelling idea for the brand to support future copy development? 

The Challenge

Our client, a health & wellbeing brand, was undergoing a brand refresh. The brand team and creative agency needed to get under UK consumers’ skin to fully understand their beliefs and needs, in order to craft creative executions to resonate strongly with consumers. Creative routes in the form of storyboards for initial testing, then animatics set to music, were developed and tested and optimised, to identify the most compelling themes to take forward to a media campaign.  

The Solution

The research followed a 3-phase qualitative online approach, across various profiles before progressing to a quantitative validation phase: 

  • Deep dive into current habits, practices, aspirations and unmet needs; consumers created collages as prework on their ideal product, which were explored as the springboard to discussions 

Several concepts were developed to take into the next round: 

  • Concept testing round 1: identified the most compelling ideas with improvement areas to better drive consumer relevance 
  • Concept testing round 2: optimised lead routes were tested to confirm consumer resonance and identify any further refinements 

The Outcome

Consumer insights were the foundation for developing, optimising and qualifying 2 strong routes that the team were confident to take forward to quantitative testing and subsequent campaign launch.