Relationship Background

Launchpad Research has supported many global manufacturers in a variety of projects, including working closely with R&D teams in the world of fragrance and flavours.  With 20+ years of experience in this sector and with a Field network spanning the UK, we have conducted hundreds of central location tests, translating consumer sensory insights into winning solutions.  Take a look at an overview of a recent CLT project conducted in the UK.

How Launchpad helped a global manufacturer assess consumer scent preference for an enhanced haircare product

The Challenge

A manufacturer of a leading haircare brand wanted to understand consumer preference of new scent options for an existing haircare product – how would consumers react to the redeveloped scents on offer? 

The Solution

Our approach was to conduct a sequential monadic test in a controlled environment with 160 pre-recruited consumers.  A pre-recruited approach was necessary to comply with recommended Covid measures & health assessments.  

  • Customers were asked to sniff 3 different products and complete an interviewer-led structured evaluation after each product  
  • Scent rotations were applied across the test to minimize order bias  
  • Data was gathered in the same, standardized conditions & strict quality control 

The Outcome

Evidence-based data provided clear direction to our client unearthing not only fragrance preference but deeper insight into emotional experiences across various sensory points with the products tested. 

The research has enabled our client to confidently progress the role out of redeveloped scents within their haircare brand.