Relationship Background

A consumer brand that has been a client of Launchpad Research since the business was established recognises the value research brings to its brand growth strategies. As with all great brands they continually strive to understand the market and consumers, to provide a solid foundation for future development – Launchpad is proud to be part of that journey. 

How do shoppers segment this market and navigate the shelf?

The Challenge

Our client needed to gain a deeper understanding of the role of key pillars within their brand portfolio, with a specific focus on tier perceptions and experiences, to address any misperceptions, unmet needs and provide guidance for the brand of the future.  

The Solution

A series of online depth interviews were conducted using an interactive fixture visual, that allowed consumers to take control of shelf navigation and zoom functions, talking us through how they made their purchase decision, followed by a deep dive on how and why they perceived the market. We talked to shoppers of the brand and competition – both loyals and switchers 

The Outcome

Our client found the insights immensely powerful across multiple areas, including a deeper understanding of shopping patterns and drivers, comprehension of the range and benefits, particularly premium, all of which provided clear direction for marketing comms, packaging refinements and instore layout opportunities. 

Furthermore, the research identified 2 unexpected future opportunities for the brand, neither of which link to performance benefits.