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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Brand Health Tracking


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The human touch and consumer behaviour is fundamental in understanding how to develop brands that people want as well as delighting them throughout the purchase funnel.  We have over 20 years’ experience in delivering full-service research solutions to ensure brands launch successfully, remain relevant and are able to continually grow and evolve.

Let’s talk about Brand Trackers…..

Brand health tracking does exactly that – measures the health of your brand. With so much competition surrounding your brand, whether from established competitors or new players in your category or sector, brand tracking is an invaluable tool for companies and businesses seeking to build and maintain a strong brand presence in the market. Understanding how customers view your brand through brand tracking provides you with regular actionable insights that can guide strategic decisions, enhance customer relationships and ultimately contribute to long-term business success.

Our brand health tracking can cover every aspect of a brand’s performance, from awareness, associations and favourability, to market share and loyalty. Every brand is unique, with distinctive positioning and personality, so we ensure that the tracking we offer is customised to each brand we support, whilst also being more broadly relevant to your category. There’s no shoehorning into our trackers!


Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Brand Health Tracking


Our Brand Health Tracking Solutions


Improve Your Current Brand Health Tracking

1. Customer Perception of Your Brand: Your Strengths & Weaknesses

What do customers and potential customers think of your brand? What’s working well for your brand and where could you improve?

Brand health tracking helps you understand how your brand is perceived by customers. Brand tracking allows you to identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, monitoring customer sentiment and opinion. This approach is valuable in fine tuning marketing messaging, adjust marketing strategies based on real-time feedback, addressing customer concerns and leveraging unique selling propositions.

2. Measure Your Brand Awareness and Campaign Effectiveness

What are your brand’s spontaneous and promoted awareness levels? Who is your marketing reaching and what impact does exposure to your marketing have on your brand perceptions and consumers’ likelihood to engage with you? Which channels are working hardest to build your brand awareness? Brand health tracking can include tracking brand mentions, reach and visibility across various channels on a continuous and long-term basis provides insight into the level of your brand awareness while also allowing you to track a wide range of KPIs. This information helps you to understand your market position and assess the effectiveness of your marketing and comms plans. Incorporating campaign measurement into your tracking facilitates deep dives into the impact of specific marketing campaigns and how well they resonate with your target audiences in order to optimise future marketing initiatives, evaluating the return on investment of your strategic and tactical brand building efforts.

3. Analyse Your Competitors

How is your brand differentiated in the market versus your competitors? In which part of your market are you performing well and where are competitors playing?

While market intelligence can provide one view of how your brand is performing against competitors, brand health tracking allows you to compare your brand performance to competitor brands against a structure, controlled and reoccurring set of measures. Having visibility and understanding of how competitors are perceived can uncover opportunities for you to improve and distinguish your brand. Incorporating additional analysis techniques such as brand mapping using correspondence analysis can give you a visual representation of which part of the market you are reaching with product and comms, including who (based on customer perceptions) your closest competitors are.

4. Detect Emerging Trends

What’s changing in your market in terms of behaviours, spend, needs, and customer expectations?

Keeping on top of customer conversations and industry trends, brand health tracking enables you to identify emerging trends and adapt your strategies accordingly. Being proactive can keep your brand relevant and delight consumers throughout the purchase funnel. Tracking may reveal opportunities to adjust your marketing, approach a new audience, work to enhance an existing product, or even reveal a gap in the market that new product development (NPD) could fill.

5. Build Customer Loyalty

What drives loyalty to your brand and likelihood to recommend (NPS)?

Brand health tracking allows you to not only analyse what’s driving recommendation of your brand, but also understand which levers to pull to increase brand loyalty overtime. Do consumers love the quality of your product or service, your outstanding customer services or your on-trend designs? Understanding your customer preferences and perceptions allows you to tailor your offering and communication to fit with customer expectations, ultimately encouraging improved loyalty by fostering greater customer closeness.


Our Brand Health Tracking Solutions


Improve Your Current Brand Health Tracking

Bespoke, Flexible Brand Health Trackers

We offer a range of solutions from more standardised tracking to bespoke measurement, as well as deliverables to enhance trackers ensuring they are working as hard as they can for our customers.

Take a sneak peek at what we can do for you:

1. Brand Health & Performance Mapping

We can measure attitudes and perceptions of your brand against key competitors. The key output here is a visual representation of how the client brand is perceived in the wider market and their performance.

Brand Health Tracking Can Target Your Customer Segments

2. Incorporate Customer Segments: Talk to Your Key Target Profile

Most commonly we incorporate brand segmentations into brand tracking to ensure we’re not just tracking the market, but also a customer’s key target profile. This could be attitudinally based segments, life stage based, transactional or customer types.

3. Key Driver Analysis

We also offer Key Driver Analysis (KDA) within brand and campaign trackers to truly get to the root of what drives brand loyalty, purchase behaviour, recommendation or satisfaction. This can be used in turn to understand what increase in a given key driver would result in, for example, greater likelihood to purchase or recommend.


Improve Your Current Brand Health Tracking

A New or Improved Brand Health Tracker?

By analysing your existing brand tracker we can discuss areas for improvement and optimisation. Whilst we respect the importance of standardisation from a tracking perspective, there is absolutely no need to track metrics that are no longer insightful or of use to your brand. We’ll advise you regarding the impact making changes to your brand tracker has so you have confidence in your survey design. Alternatively, we can design a new brand tracker to address the goals and future needs of your business.

With over two decades of experience of working with brands, we understand keenly that each brand is at a different stage in its trajectory and evolution, as such our tracker offer is not just customisable but purposely scalable and built to be future proofed from the measurement of a core set of key metrics amongst a small sample infrequently (for example annually) to robust scaled deep dives quarterly, monthly or even weekly.​

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