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LaunchPilot – Our Product Testing Panel

By 28 February 2023Blog, Insights

Market research panels are a popular recruitment method used by businesses to gather information about consumer attitudes and behaviour. Panels are typically composed of individuals who have agreed to participate in market research surveys on a regular basis, often for some form of compensation. There are 100’s of market research panels out there all claiming to be the best, but how do you choose the right one for your business needs?

Most panels all claim to:

  • Have access to pre-screened & engaged audiences
  • Be cost effective
  • Be time-efficient

All sounds great, right?  Let’s dig a little deeper….

Whilst many do indeed, provide the basics, they tend not to offer support and specialized recruitment for home usage tests.  Launchpad Research has created LaunchPilot to really focus on providing our clients a Product Testing Panel Partner.  With 25+ years’ experience in offering home usage tests, we understand how important it is for brands to have access to quality respondents to ensure quality feedback.

So what makes LaunchPilot different?

We recruit for purpose – all our LaunchPilots go through a triple opt in process and advanced quality checks before they become fully fledged members.  We invest in our LaunchPilots by engaging them in fun surveys and activities continually and by conducting our own market research with them to find out how we can improve their experience which often reduces panel fatigue.  Panel relationship is key to our success!

What are the other benefits to using LaunchPilot?

  • LaunchPilot typically recommends ~20% over quota compared to ~50% from competitor panels. This means:
    • Shorter fieldwork times
    • Quick turnaround of results
    • Less test product requirements
    • Lower cost outlay

Our purpose-built product testing panel allows you access to thousands of eager consumers across the UK, waiting to test and give feedback on your products from the comfort of their homes.  In addition to product testing and supporting NPD development, many brands have chosen LaunchPilot to test their product claims and concepts and gather robust data to support advertising clearance submissions so they can confidently comply with UK Advertising Codes.

Our LaunchPilots have helped many brands across a variety of sectors including: Health & Beauty,  Haircare, Male Grooming, Baby, Household Cleaning, Hand & Auto-Dish, Food & Drink, Charities,  Telecoms,  Petcare,  Electricals and  Feminine Hygiene.

LaunchPilot has been a valuable tool for businesses looking to gather feedback and improve their products, ultimately improving product success rates and increasing consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

“Very responsive, very good recruitment with specific criteria in short timings” – Insights Director, H&B

 Get in touch with our experts  or drop us an email to find out more about how LaunchPilot can help your brand thrive.