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Is your marketing plan prepared for changes to HFSS restrictions?

By 15 June 2022February 22nd, 2023Blog, Insights

As we reported earlier this month, consumers are changing their shopping behaviours towards their choice of brands of household goods thanks to the increase in prices of goods and inflation on the up.

Our recent consumer survey has shown that 60% of consumers intend to switch to own label products or alternative cheaper brands in order to lower household grocery spend.

This trend in switching behaviour is prevalent throughout a variety of FMCG categories such as household cleaning products, paper products, frozen goods, and also includes snacks, so does this add another layer of complexity to marketing strategies in order to meet with new HFSS (High Fat, Salt, Sugar) restrictions?

The answer is undoubtedly ‘YES’ – short-term promotional plans are perhaps no longer in focus; longer-term strategies may be the answer to:

  • Focus on brand building
  • Define brand identity
  • Unearth how to communicate not only effectively, but tap into consumer emotions to create something innovative and different

Ultimately reward consumers with what matters to them – e.g. Fairtrade, Sustainable products and create a brand story

What’s your brand story?

Forming a brand story tends to resonate emotionally with consumers, resulting in your target audience engaging with and championing your product or brand in the longer term…

Launchpad have worked alongside global brands providing a variety of research solutions to assist them in developing their story.

Get in touch with the Launchpad team to find out more

HFSS: High Fat, Salt & Sugar