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Introducing our NEW Omnibus Survey!

By 13 September 2023April 2nd, 2024Blog, News

Here at Launchpad we’ve been thinking of ways to help you get answers quickly and economically, maximising every bit of your budget to tackle your burning questions!

Cue our brand new Omnibus Survey.

What is an Omnibus Survey?

An Omnibus Survey allows clients just like you to purchase a set number of questions within a larger survey which will cover a variety of different topics. Normally an Omnibus is asked to a set number of respondents, on a nationally (in our case, UK) representative basis.

Why take part in an Omnibus Survey?

  • Questions are asked to a UK nationally respresentative audience
  • Research overheads are shared between all participants making this an economical way of answering your business-critical questions
  • Ask key questions month on month to track shifts in trends / behaviour without the cost of a full tracker survey
  • Quick and easy to set up; share your questions or your goals and we’ll take care of the rest

The Launchpad Omnibus Survey Audience:

  • 500 respondents
  • UK nationally representative sample based on:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Region
    • Data on the following can be offered as additional breaks:
      • Sexual Orientation
      • Disabilities
      • Ethnicity

Launchpad Omnibus Timings:

  • A fresh Omnibus will run every 2 months
  • Choose which omnibus you’d like to take part in
  • Dates up to November 2024:
    • May 2024:
      • Questions by Friday 24 May
      • Survey launch – Tuesday 28 May
    • July 2024:
      • Questions by Friday 19 July
      • Survey launch – Wednesday 24 July
    • September 2024:
      • Questions by Friday 20 September
      • Survey launch – Wednesday 25 September
    • November 2024:
      • Questions by Friday 22 November
      • Survey launch – Wednesday 27 November

The Best Part:

The price! For a limited time only, we’re offering you the chance to join our Omnibus survey for just £60 per question, or £100 for two.

Get in touch!

Have your questions or objectives ready? Get in touch with Alison Waltham, Omnibus Manager, at to get started or drop us a line here.