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What are the biggest challenges facing consumers in 2023?

By 12 June 2023Blog, Insights

In 2023, UK consumers may face various challenges that impact their daily lives. While it’s important to note that specific challenges can evolve, here are some potential issues that UK consumers might face:

  1.  Inflation and rising prices: One significant challenge could be inflationary pressures, leading to higher prices for goods and services. This can affect the purchasing power of consumers, making it harder for them to afford essential items.
  2.  Economic uncertainty: Economic factors such as Brexit and global economic conditions can contribute to uncertainty and volatility in the market. Uncertainty can impact consumer confidence and spending patterns, as individuals may be more cautious with their finances.
  3.  Housing affordability: The UK has been grappling with a housing affordability crisis for some time. High property prices, limited supply, and increasing rents can make it difficult for consumers, especially young people and low-income households, to find affordable and suitable housing.
  4.  Energy costs: Rising energy costs and fluctuations in global energy markets can put a strain on household budgets. Consumers may find it challenging to manage their energy bills, particularly during the colder months when heating costs tend to increase.
  5.  Consumer rights and data privacy: The digital age has brought about concerns regarding consumer rights and data privacy. Consumers may face challenges related to online scams, data breaches, and the collection and use of personal information by companies.
  6.  Climate change and sustainability: Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important to consumers. They may face challenges related to finding sustainable products, making eco-friendly choices, and dealing with the impact of climate change on their daily lives.
  7.  Cybersecurity threats: As technology advances, consumers may face cybersecurity threats, such as online fraud, identity theft, and hacking attempts. Protecting personal information and ensuring online safety can be a challenge for individuals.
  8.  Access to credit and financial services: Some consumers may face difficulties in accessing credit or financial services, particularly those with low incomes or poor credit histories. Limited access to affordable credit can hinder their ability to make essential purchases or improve their financial situations.

It’s worth noting that these challenges may not be exhaustive, and new issues can emerge as the year progresses. Additionally, the severity and impact of these challenges can, of course, vary extensively for individuals as well as across regional and geographical areas within the UK.

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