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Snapshot Report Jan 2024: Healthy Eating, Fast Food & What Customers Really Think of Big Food Brands!

Food Snapshot Report Jan 2024

In this Food Snapshot Report, we speak to 512 LaunchPilots (nationally representative sample from our 16k strong proprietary research community), to talk all things food!

In a landscape of continued UK expansion for global food giants like Dunkin’ Donuts, we deep-dive into consumer perceptions of healthy eating, delivery apps and what customers really think about big food brands.

In this report:

  • Explore consumer perceptions of healthy eating – can fast food be healthy?
  • Reveal generational preferences for particular delivery apps.
  • Discover what UK consumers really think of big food brands including Dunkin’ Donuts, Heinz and more!  Join us as we tap into consumers’ creativity, what personality would your brand have at a party?!

Take a sneak peek at what our LaunchPilots had to say about Dunkin’ Donuts – download our full food snapshot report to reveal consumer thoughts on more top food brands!

Description of Dunkin Donuts personality at a party

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