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Helping your brand remain relevant through brand tracking

By 14 October 2022February 22nd, 2023Blog, Insights

As consumers, we are regularly exposed to stimuli in the world around us designed to capture our awareness and increase our likelihood to buy. From a simple repeated morning coffee purchase, or a grocery shop at our preferred supermarket; we all unconsciously gravitate towards the brands we know and love.

It’s no secret that consumers are vital to a brand’s success. Listening to your consumers can add huge value to your brand. However, too often decisions on the performance of brand campaigns can be made without the support of reliable data, and in some cases these decisions rely solely on gut feelings.

Brand trackers serve as an excellent, often underestimated, asset when it comes to accurately tracking brand activity. Opting for a data-driven approach which measures metrics like overall awareness and perceptions of your brand or how well your recent campaign performed is an effective way to move away from relying on guesswork and remain competitive in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Brand tracking data can help bridge gaps and provide a full picture of your brand’s health and performance over time. Not only can the data be used to improve your product or service to align with your consumers wants and needs, it can also inform your marketing and brand strategies.

How would a brand tracker benefit my brand?

Brand tracking allows you to continuously monitor your brand’s health and performance over time through gathering quantitative and qualitative data from your consumers. This essentially means that you can…

  1. Monitor key performance indicators such as brand awareness (spontaneous and prompted), perception, consideration, usage, loyalty, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to name a few.  
  2. Verify your target consumers and their key drivers, and in some cases even discover potential new audiences or opportunities.
  3. Unearth areas to focus on which can be targeted and improved.
  4. Enhance awareness on competitor brands for competitive advantage
  5. Compare your brand performance across markets.

The result: actionable outputs to ensure your brand remains strong

Let’s ensure guesswork or gut feelings become a thing of the past. Fully equipped with the reliable data from your brand tracker, you will be in a better position to align on your brand messaging; crafting marketing communications to specific target groups from the insights gained. Or even directing your attention to improving key areas identified as underperforming. Your brand new tracker will inform future decisions when it comes to your marketing and brand strategies and will help deliver a better return on investment.

Brand tracking shouldn’t be a nuisance. Instead, it should be seen as an exciting and advantageous tool!

At Launchpad Research, we have vast experience in designing brand trackers. We have worked closely with brand managers across multiple markets and categories- from ecommerce to the charity sector. Whether you have an existing brand tracker you’d like us to take a look at to pinpoint areas for optimisation, or you’d like to pick our brains on the design of a new brand tracker, we’d love to help you with your brand tracker needs.

We will work with you to design or enhance a brand tracker which addresses the future needs of your business. We will combine our expertise with your short-term and long-term goals to design a comprehensive questionnaire covering the brand metrics you’d like to monitor over a period of time (annually, bi-annually, monthly etc). Your resulting data output will allow for useful and insightful take aways.

We’re always happy to talk research

If you’re considering delving deeper into what your consumers think about your brand, and would like to gather reliable data on your brand’s performance overtime through brand tracking, please reach out to us at