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Data Quality Assurance In 14 Steps!

By 25 October 2023December 6th, 2023Blog, News

At Launchpad Research, we understand the critical importance of data quality in ensuring the success of your research. We’re also aware that, as much as online research panels have quality checks in place, bots, speeders, survey gamers all slip through the net and it’s up to us to validate at the final gate.

We take pride in our rigorous 14-step data quality assurance process, which we implement & review regularly to deliver the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in the data we provide. These checks are meticulously executed at three key stages – Survey scripting, In-field monitoring, and Post-Data Collection.

Each survey we conduct is thoughtfully designed to include essential components, such as open-ended responses and red herring questions. These components are strategically incorporated to enable the robust execution of our quality checks, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in the data we provide.

Our commitment to delivering accurate and reliable data is unwavering. These checks play a crucial role in assuring the quality of the data we deliver.

Why Our Data Quality Checks Matter:

  • Have confidence that we provide you with reliable insights!
  • Mitigates Errors
  • Protects Data Privacy
  • Increases Project Success

Our 14-Step Data Quality Assurance Process

No. 1: Multi-Person Review

To catch errors and inconsistencies, data undergoes multiple reviews by different team members at each project stage.

No. 2: Guideline-Driven Assessment

We rigorously follow established quality check procedures and guidelines at every stage, including scripting, in-field monitoring, and post-data collection. This approach ensures consistent data quality assessments, enhancing the reliability and accuracy of the data we deliver.

No. 3: Incorporation of Red Herring Questions

In all online surveys, we bolster our data quality by thoughtfully integrating red herring questions. These questions ensure that only quality data is retrieved, allowing us to actively identify and address any data that raises red flags, potentially indicating inaccuracies or inconsistencies.

No. 4: Eradication of Inconsistencies

Careful review and elimination of data duplications and inconsistencies ensure data accuracy and reliability.

No. 5: Open-End Excellence

We intentionally incorporate open-ended responses into each survey. This enables us to perform meticulous checks, including validating coherence, and eliminate nonsensical content. Our aim is to enhance the accuracy and reliability of open-ended data, enriching your project’s insights.

No. 6: Back-to-Back Coding

Open-ended responses are reviewed to identify incorrect entries and ensure alignment with previous answers.

No. 7: Duplicate Detection

Responses that match word for word are flagged and subjected to further checks to eliminate duplication.

No. 8: Straight-Line Safeguard

Respondents consistently selecting the same answer across scales are terminated to maintain data integrity.

No. 9: Pattern Recognition

We identify and address patterns that suggest dishonesty in responses to questions.

No. 10: Termination of Speeders

Respondents completing the survey in less than 10% of the average time are terminated to prevent rushed or insincere responses.

No. 11: Completion Times Oversight

Prolonged completion times are monitored, especially when survey responses are time-sensitive or context-dependent.

No. 12: Human Touch

We conduct manual checks of response data to ensure the validity and accuracy of the data, providing an additional layer of quality assurance.

No. 13: IP Address Monitoring

IP address monitoring helps prevent duplicate entries, ensuring that each response is unique.

No 14: Traffic Light Assessment

Responses are categorized into red, orange, and green based on data quality, with red requiring termination, orange necessitating further analysis, and green indicating good responses.

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Our comprehensive data quality checks reflect our commitment to delivering high-quality, error-free data. This process safeguards the integrity of your project and provides valuable, dependable insights for confident decision-making.

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