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Boost your product or brand research with online surveys + eye tracking

By 13 April 2022February 22nd, 2023Blog, Insights

Most of us are aware, traditional online surveys are a quick and easy way to connect and engage consumers, but as technology evolves there are many software platforms that allow you to enhance surveys to make them more interactive and interesting for consumers to complete as well as bring concepts or shelf tests to life!

Incorporating Eye Tracking technology into your online survey is a great way for you to understand how a consumer views and interacts with your product or brand. One of the most objective methods to measure consumers’ attention! Incorporating Eye Tracking into your online survey allows you to effectively test brand or product SKUs Stop, Hold (& Close) Power for:

  • In-context purchase decisions
  • In context findability
  • Packaging design elements
  • Impact of new ad designs

In addition to survey data, eye tracking measurements include:

  • Purchase Behaviour by competitive / nonuser / current users
  • Aggregated area of interest (AOI) statistics including:
    • Time to first fixation (STOP)
    • Total fixation duration (HOLD)
    • Number of revisits to an AOI
    • Time to first click (if relevant)
    • Heatmaps

Eye Tracking functionality also provides you with a visual journey of recordings to support key insights (per participant):

  • Quantitative robustness with added sub-conscious driven insights
    • Research conducted remotely with no face-to-face contact required; complies with social distancing restrictions
    • Deeper insights attained through eye tracking data; captures subconscious eye movement through webcam
    • Click data; captures purchases & task driven activities
    • Global solution; greater geographical sample representation

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