Retailer Reinvention

A high street beauty retailer planned to invest in a store reinvention strategy to help overcome poor brand perceptions associated with modernity. The new store concept was only being implemented in 1 test location and the retailer was keen to understand how the new store layout & merchandising choices would influence total store penetration, drive key category sales and impact on retailer equity.

Method & Tools

  • Shopper Intercepts
  • Vidipod: automated profile measurement
  • Shop-a-longs
  • Digital Blog

A mixed methodology was applied to address the key objectives; impact on footfall, purchase intent vs. actual behaviour, impact of footfall to key categories, and overall perception on retailer equity

600 shopper intercepts were conducted in two waves; 300 pre implementation of the store concept and 300 post. Shoppers were intercepted by LaunchField interviewers to measure category satisfaction, intent vs. actual purchases

Vidipod, an automated audience measuring technology, powered by Quividi was installed at both entrances to the store, plus key category aisles. This enabled footfall data to be collected at store and category level

We layered the quantitative element of the project with digital and face to face qualitative methods. Prior to store changes, pre-recruited respondents were required to complete a digital blog describing their views of the store and specific categories. In-store accompanied shops conducted post reinvention, evaluated the impact on shopping behaviour and shift in perceptions in-depth

Statistically significant changes were recorded on shopper behaviour; key results revealed an increase in impulse purchases across certain categories.

An increase in traffic to higher value categories and an overall positive shift on perceptions towards the retailer. Insights relating to range awareness, education, navigation, fixture layout also helped the management team review minor changes before rollout across the estate portfolio